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Nome #
Registration practices for observational studies on indicated low adherence 142
Immunogenicity and safety of the multicomponent meningococcal B vaccine (4CMenB) in children and adolescents: a systematic review and meta-analysis 138
Attitudes towards compulsory vaccination in Italy: Results from the NAVIDAD multicentre study 107
Head-to-head randomized trials are mostly industry sponsored and almost always favor the industry sponsor 100
Registered Randomized Trials Comparing Generic and Brand-Name Drugs: A Survey 93
Knowledge and beliefs on vaccines among a sample of Italian pregnant women: results from the NAVIDAD study 23
Developing a Strategy for COVID-19 Control Among Hard-to-Reach Migrant Communities: The Experience of Roma 2 Local Health Authority 13
COVID-19 Vaccination Effectiveness in the General Population of an Italian Province: Two Years of Follow-Up 10
COVID-19 Contact Tracing Strategies During the First Wave of the Pandemic: Systematic Review of Published Studies 9
The association between adherence to cancer screening programs and health literacy. A systematic review and meta-analysis 9
The need to improve implementation and use of lifestyle surveillance systems for planning prevention activities: an analysis of the Italian Regions 9
State of the Art on Family and Community Health Nursing International Theories, Models and Frameworks: A Scoping Review 8
Factors affecting the vaccination choices of pregnant women for their children: a systematic review of the literature 8
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment: A Meta-Analysis 8
Measles among healthcare workers in Italy. Is it time to act? 8
How public health professionals view mandatory vaccination in italy-a cross-sectional survey 8
An italian survey on the attitudes and beliefs of public health professionals towards mandatory vaccination: A pilot study 7
Genomics knowledge and attitudes among European public health professionals: Results of a cross-sectional survey 7
How to integrate personalized medicine into prevention? recommendations from the personalized prevention of chronic diseases (PRECeDI) consortium 7
Health assessment for migrants and asylum seekers upon arrival and while hosted in reception centres: Italian guidelines 7
How is genetic testing evaluated? A systematic review of the literature 6
European survey on knowledge and attitudes of public health professionals on public health genomics: pilot study 5
Predictors of SARS-CoV-2 Infection and Severe and Lethal COVID-19 after Three Years of Follow-Up: A Population-Wide Study 5
What is the prevalence of low health literacy in European Union member states? A systematic review and meta-analysis 5
Familial hypercholesterolemia: a systematic review of guidelines on genetic testing and patient management 4
Healthcare workers and measles outbreaks in Italy. Is it time to act? A systematic review 4
A proposal of a new evaluation framework towards implementation of genetic tests 4
Are midwives ready to fight vaccine hesitancy? First results from an Italian cross-sectional study 4
Esitazione vaccinale nelle donne in gravidanza: risultati di uno studio condotto nei consultori familiari della città di Roma 4
Childhood vaccinations: A pilot study on knowledge, attitudes and vaccine hesitancy in pregnant women 3
COVID-19 control: lessons from the “Palazzo Pecile” outbreak in Rome 3
Epidemia di morbillo in Italia ed operatori sanitari. È giunto il momento di agire? Il punto della situazione 3
Punti di forza e criticità nella programmazione della prevenzione in Italia: risultati dell'analisi dei progetti inclusi nei Piani Regionali della Prevenzione (PRP) 3
A systematic review of factors influencing pregnant women's future vaccination choices 3
Attitudini e conoscenze dei professionisti di sanità pubblica sulla public health genomics (PHG): risultati preliminari di un’indagine europea 3
Predictive genetic testing for complex diseases: a public health perspective 3
Determinants of the intention to vaccinate with MMR among pregnant women from the City of Rome 3
Epidemiology of skin disorders in Ethiopian children and adolescents: An analysis of records from the Italian Dermatological Centre, Mekelle, Tigray, Ethiopia, 2005 to 2009 3
Come integrare la medicina personalizzata all’interno della prevenzione? Raccomandazioni dal consorzio “Personalized pREvention of Chronic Diseases” (PRECeDI)” 3
How should genetic tests be evaluated? Final Results of a systematic review of the existing literature 3
Determinanti dell’intenzione di vaccinare contro morbillo, pertosse e rosolia. Risultati di un’indagine condotta in una popolazione di donne in gravidanza della città di Roma 3
Coinvolgimento delle comunità nella ricerca azione partecipata 3
Knowledge and attitudes on pediatric vaccinations and intention to vaccinate in a sample of pregnant women from the City of Rome 2
The process of prevention planning in Italy: a preliminary analysis of 705 projects included in Regional Prevention Plans (PRPs) 2
A systematic review of real-world contact tracing strategies at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic 2
I controlli alla frontiera, la frontiera dei controlli. Linea guida sui controlli sanitari all’arrivo e i percorsi di tutela sanitaria per i migranti ospiti presso i centri di accoglienza 2
The impact of financial deficit and decentralization of health care on public health capacities for prevention planning: an analysis of 702 projects developed by Italian Regions in their Regional Prevention Plans 2
Italian survey on public health professionals’ attitudes and beliefs towards mandatory vaccination: a pilot study 2
Severe traumatic brain injury in Austria II: Epidemiology of hospital admissions 2
Identification of delivery models for the provision of predictive genetic testing in Europe: protocol for a multicentre qualitative study and a systematic review of the literature 2
Genetic services for hereditary cancer. A systematic review of patient reported outcomes studies 2
Mediterranean diet adherence and synergy with acute myocardial infarction and its determinants. a multicenter case-control study in Italy 1
The introduction of mandatory vaccinations in Italy: impact assessment and development of a support strategy for health workers 1
“Formare per informare - l’ostetrica nel contrasto all’esitazione vaccinale”. Risultati preliminari di uno studio trasversale sulle ostetriche di Roma 1
Promoting health care assistance for migrants with irregular status. The experience of the Italian National Institute for Health Migration and Poverty (NIHMP) 1
Global health, international health and public health: which relationship? 1
The cost-effectiveness of genetic screening for familial hypercholesterolemia: a systematic review 1
Low level of attention to health inequalities in prevention planning activities of the Italian Regions 1
Protezione e promozione della salute nei luoghi di lavoro 1
The planning of prevention in Italy: the perspective of the university. [La programmazione della prevenzione in Italia: la prospettiva dell'università] 1
La committenza dell’assistenza sanitaria 1
Prevalence of non-adequate health literacy in Europe. A systematic review and meta-analysis 1
Interim results of EUPHA network members’ s survey on Public Health Genomics 1
Prevenzione vaccinale: Decreto Legge n. 73/2017 1
Reliability of the telephone-administered International Physical Activity Questionnaire in an Italian pilot sample 1
The negative effect of financial constraints on planning prevention activities: some evidence from the Italian experience 1
The development of strategies to contrast vaccine hesitancy in Italy 1
Valutazione dei sistemi sanitari 1
Vaccine hesitancy. Knowledge, attitudes and need for education of pregnant women regarding neonatal vaccinations 1
Local responses to migration crises: ASL Roma 2’s experience with the Afghani and Ukrainian crises 1
Utilizzare linee guida e framework decisionali 1
Vaccine hesitancy: old defeat or new challenge for public health? A survey on pregnant women in Rome 1
Meta-analisi su immunogenicità e sicurezza del vaccino multicomponente anti-meningococco b (4CMENB) 1
Policy and planning of prevention in Italy: results from an appraisal of prevention plans developed by Regions for the period 2010-2012 1
Piano aziendale 1
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